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TopRideLimo Services – Most Frequently Asked Questions

MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover and cash. Checks are not accepted.
You can conveniently make a reservation right here on our website by visiting the Reservation page. You are also welcome to call us at (512) 705-6065 should you wish to speak with us directly.
You can bring what you desire, but everyone must be 21 or older for any alcoholic beverages to be present.
We do NOT permit smoking in any of our vehicles.
Please refer to our Fleet page for passenger limitations or call us at (512) 705-6065 and we will gladly help you find the right one for the occasion.
Our Stretch Limousine Service has a minimum of 3 or 4 hours, depending on time, day and Austin local events at the time.
Book your Limo Service as early as possible. Austin has limited supply of Limousines and demand increases for certain events.
There is no rule to what color Limo you should be in. If we could afford it, we would have a limo of every color that exists. We have receive inquiries for a pink Limo! Go figure!
All our limos are equipped with optic lighting, iPod or iPhone connection, glasses, and ice chests. We always stock our limo rides with ice, water, and soft drinks.
Unfortunately, it is against the city code for us to directly provide alcohol as part of the service. However, you can bring your own and as much as you want. We can also arrange to pick it up from you ahead of time and stage it in the limo for a small fee.
Absolutely! We’re glad you’re having a great time and we’ll happily take a little more of your money! While it is always better for us to know ahead of time so we can coordinate appropriately, we have always been able to accommodate by extending our Limo Service for as long as the customer needed it.
Our cancellation policy varies based on the event and type of rental. Formula 1, Proms, and SxSW “South by Southwest” reservations are more strict than others due to supply and demand. Some other reservations are more flexible to the point that we can waive the cancellation fee as long as driver and car have not been dispatched. Please be sure to ask our representative when making your reservation

TopRideLimo Policies and Terms of Service

While not wanting to put a damper on the enthusiasm nor the social festivities, there are several policies, procedures, and safety issues that must be followed to ensure a happy and safe night for all. These policies are listed below:

  • All vehicles owned and/or operated by TopRideLimo are designated as non-smoking, and violation will result in immediate termination of the run.
  • All vehicles are thoroughly cleaned and checked for damage prior to each engagement. The client shall be responsible for any cleaning or repairs which may be required due to any act of negligence or disregard by the client or by the client’s guests. Please note: Vomiting cleaning fee is $250.00 and results in the immediate termination of the run.
  • Any time past the arranged drop-off time will be an additional charge in one (1) hour increments.
  • TopRideLimo cannot be held liable for items left in any vehicle. Please inspect the vehicle prior to dismissal.
  • TopRideLimo reserves the right to immediately terminate the job, for all parties in attendance for the use of illegal substances and/or any illegal activity by any guest in attendance. There will be no refund of any monies to the client, due to the negligent behavior of the passengers.

Cancellation Policy

  • RESCHEDULING OF AIRPORT SERVICE is possible at no extra charge, as long as rescheduling is requested before the driver is dispatched.
  • CANCELLATION OF AIRPORT SERVICE: THE FULL FARE will be charged for cancellations in the following (2) cases: I. Passenger cancels after a driver has already been dispatched. II. If the passenger fails to be at the designated pickup location (no-show). If for any reason you cannot locate your chauffeur, call TopRideLimo at (512) 705-6065. To avoid being billed as a no-show, do not leave your location without contacting our Headquarters. *You must contact us by phone.
  • CANCELLATION OF Limousines & Charter Services: A minimum of 7 days notice is required for cancellation of all limousine and charter arrangements (e.g. weddings, wine tours, point-to-point reservations) to avoid the charge of the full fare plus 20% service charge. A non-refundable 35% deposit is taken on all limousine & charter arrangements.
  • Proms: All prom reservations are non-refundable and cannot be cancelled

* For any cancellations please call us at (512)705-6065 as soon as possible.

The Best and Safest Choice for Limousine Service in Greater Austin

Our Chauffeurs are fully Screened and Background Checked - licensed with the City of Austin to provide the safest ride in town.
We mean accountability! Get in touch with us today so we can go over your options, including special Corporate Rates!

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