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Driver Wanted

Professional Executive Chauffeur F/T & P/T compensation: Hourly or per trip employment type: INDEPENDENT OPERATOR ($20 per hour + Tips) Chauffeur positions for an Austin limousine company (TopRideLimo) known for professionalism and early/on-time performance. Now interviewing RESPONSIBLE mature individuals for chauffeur positions. Able to follow strict procedures, clean driving and criminal record with a basic [...]

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C4 nominated for 14th IMGA. Vote for it on People’s Choice!

Mobile game C4 has been nominated for the 14th INTERNATIONAL MOBILE GAMING AWARDS GLOBAL (IMGA GLOBAL), the longest standing and highest regarded mobile games award program. Among the several categories for the final prize, there’s one called “People’s Choice Award”. Vote for the mind-boggling C4 game on the link below for my game.

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Prom Season Around the Corner

Graduating from High school or College? Take the funnest, safest route to the celebration of a lifetime. If there’s one thing students and parents agree on, it’s this: Few events in a high-schooler’s four years are as big as the Prom and Graduation. These are special occasions that will be remembered for years to come. [...]

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Get free Hours On Limousine Rides

Book your Limousine For your event and receive free hours. TopRideLimo prepared a special offer to make your experience last longer so you can enjoy more glamorous time without spending more. We're offering an extra hour totally free when you book our 10 passenger limo in our 3-hour package and 2 extra free hours if you [...]

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30% OFF On Your Next Ride

TopRideLimo has a valuable offer for you. Getting around Austin and to and from the airport doesn't have to be a hassle. We provide all kinds and sizes of Luxurious transportation at a very special rate now. Up to 10 passengers, we have the right high-end vehicle for your need for the price of a regular car. [...]

Prom Season Around the Corner (April/May)

You have a Prom coming and haven't planed your ride? Prom season is a high demand season for limousines. Parents and students start making reservations weeks earlier to make sure they get the right vehicle for their event. Plus prices can get really high because of the high number of events. You don't want to [...]

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Uber Needs Regulation!

Rich Brunelle   All you Drivers out there opposing regulation are failing to realize how much Uber needs regulation. The only way you will ever make a fair days wages is by regulation of Uber.   Uber intentionally keeps rates so low that drivers are barely scraping by so that they can control you by [...]

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Here’s whats going on with all of those Uber lawsuits

By Kristen V. Brown Uber is being sued by so many people right now that it can be hard to keep track. Last year, 50 lawsuits were filed against Silicon Valley’s favorite start-up in U.S. federal court alone—and since then, still more suits have been filed, while others have settled. Some of these suits could spell big trouble [...]

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Our City needs to help our friends!

Our City, Our safety, Our Choice THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT US ALL OVER AMERICA! ——Now it’s time to help some of those who helped us make the news. Thanks to your support, Our City made news all over the country. Literally hundreds of articles described how Austin people power beat the corporate juggernaut. Our historic win in [...]

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