The 5 reasons why Limousines will outrank an Uber ride anytime

//The 5 reasons why Limousines will outrank an Uber ride anytime

The 5 reasons why Limousines will outrank an Uber ride anytime

We all know that when it comes to getting a quick ride from place to place, car driving services from Uber to Lyft have captured the attention of those looking for convenient riding opportunities without having to deal with the hassle of renting, picking up, and dropping off a rental vehicle. As far as driving services go, Uber and Lyft services provide some of the shadiest, more unreliable riding experiences with less accountability and privacy than you expect. The forgotten limousine service can provide you with a luxurious experience that will outrank that of an Uber ride at any point in time.

1. Ride in Style Over the Slums

Any limousine company looking to make money in the long run will take pride in the condition of and maintenance of their limousines. From polished leather seats to a sleek black exterior, limousines will provide you and your traveling companions with a ride that mimics that of what a movie star would experience. Limousines are far more likely to get high attention to oil changes, car washes, brake checks, and the most important part, a clean interior.

Most Uber rides can’t guarantee you the same level of cleanliness of service unless you’re paying for a premium ride. Drivers aren’t obligated to service, take care of, or clean their vehicles before picking up passengers. These are rides being given in succession from person to person, providing you with a riding service in a less than a clean car.

2. More Accountable Driving and Service

Limousine companies will hire chauffeurs who are courteous, professional and know their way around the area they service. Depending on an Uber driver, you can expect a driver ranging from a college kid or a seedy-looking adult looking to pick up a little extra cash. While the drivers don’t handle the money and payment options themselves, a limousine rental company will provide you an experience with higher standards and privacy.

Limousine rental companies are the professionals in the driving service industry. Their accountability is upheld by the standards of the limousine company in which they serve. Limousine companies promise on-time arrival, excellent service, and reliability that will give you a well-delivered ride to your destination.

3. They’ll be Upfront with Pricing

Uber pricing ranges from time traveled and distance covered that gets paid for at the end of the ride. Depending on how much is being charged, you have no idea how much you’ll end up paying at the end. Things like traffic or if the driver is less experienced with the area, getting lost can take up a chunk of time and a good portion of your bill. Limousine companies offer their services by rent, depending on your estimated time frame.

4. More Time for Luxury in a Limo

So let’s say your destination ended up taking less than the time expected. No worries, when it’s not due for return for whole several hours. Like a rental car, limousines can be driven around at any time as long as they’re back before the time runs out. Not only can the ride to your destination be luxurious and posh, but taking a pit stop to eat a fancy restaurant isn’t the worst idea to have in mind.

5. Party of 3 or 4 or even 14

Limousines are far more spacious, therefore they can fit up to 6 in a standard limo, and up to a party of 14 in a super-stretch limo. Splitting up the costs between that many passengers cut down on the price spent per person, plus the added emotional bonus of having a sweet ride to kick back and relax in.

How Can You Get the Ride of a Lifetime?

Reach out and contact us or visit our website to see the various services we provide. Our limousine rental services are sure to provide you with an affordable experience that you’ll never forget.

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