Safe and Clean Transportation for the Elderly During COVID-19 Outbreak

//Safe and Clean Transportation for the Elderly During COVID-19 Outbreak

Safe and Clean Transportation for the Elderly During COVID-19 Outbreak

Who doesn’t want to travel around the town going freely? Everyone enjoys it. However, we tend to take it for granted without giving it much thought. Unfortunately, for the elderly population, even routine tasks like running errands, grocery shopping, heading to the library, the doctor’s appointment can become challenging.

Aging and health conditions impact driving. Hence, elderly people either depend on others to drive them around. Research indicates the elderly who are unable to drive attend fewer medical appointments, dine out less, and visit friends and family less as compared to the drivers of the same age. There are such families too that don’t have enough resources to meet the transportation needs of their aging loved ones. Fortunately, transportation services are available for the elderly who no longer drive themselves.

Public Transportation To Make The Elderly Independent

To be independent and keep things within budget, public transportation is the most obvious choice for seniors. Public transportation includes rail and bus systems with fixed routes, schedules, and stops. Lots of big cities have sophisticated public transport system to take their travelers to almost any location.

However, this type of transportation may have some limitations for seniors. To use the service, one must walk to and from the stops, follow the strict schedule, and navigate stairs. This is not appropriate for those who have limited mobility.

We do have state of art transit systems to facilitate the elderly relying on walking aids. By law, every public bus must have a wheelchair lift and every train must have at least once a wheelchair accessible railcar. To make sure you are on schedule, seniors have to adjust their schedule to avoid rush hours and the jostling crowd that makes it difficult to get around.

Extra Precautions Are Required During Coronavirus Outbreak

The public transit system itself is amazing but during the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s not recommended to use them. Buses, subways, and metro have confined spaces with limited ventilation. Additionally, you could be traveling with an infected passenger. Even though transport services have been sanitized and disinfected, for the elderly, it is best to avoid them at all costs.

Health departments recommend to use buses and trains when it’s less crowded but that’s not feasible for all. There is no way to travel in public transport and not touch the poles or anything else inside.

To stay protected, choose clean and safe elderly transportation in Austin by riding with Top Ride Limo. We have cars available for personal and business use. We ensure the elderly enjoy their transit, feel comfortable and reach their destination safely.

Our fleets of vehicles are checked before they are sent out on the road to meet the transportation needs of our customers. Amid the coronavirus outbreak, we have taken special measures to disinfect the vehicles and cover the seats with sheets so that our elderly passengers feel safe and still fulfill their obligations without depending on anyone.

It’s recommended to wear a facemask, gloves and carry disinfectants and hand sanitizers for personal hygiene and care.   

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