Facing uncertainty, fear and insecurity throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, all of us had to entirely change our way of life.

With that comes learning new expressions like Social distance, Isolation and Quarantine. These are important terms to understand when we’re all working together to save an enormous number of lives.

As social distance and quarantine actions go on, people are getting more and more stressed and bored cooped up inside, making outdoor activities a desirable way to have a change of scenery.

But because we are in the middle of the pandemic, not many outdoor activities have a green light. There are safe ones, and there are ones that, unfortunately, you can’t engage in.

Safe outdoor activities during the pandemic are those that allow for social distancing from others who live outside your household, and don’t go against any ordinances.

Taking a limo-tour with your household members across the city or out in the country is an activity you can safely partake in, which can help give you a much-needed mental reset. You can enjoy your drinks, music, videos, karaoke, or even reach some particular locations such as parks, lakes, picnic sights where other people are absent. All in a super-carefully sanitized vehicle and a professional chauffeur taking all caution procedures such as mask, gloves, hand sanitizer and social distance (all communication thru an intercom).

You can pick day or evening, a weekend day as well as a weekday. Bring your choice of drinks and appetizers.

Don’t wait another day to book your time out in our limo and save with our Corona pandemic special rates.

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