International Women’s Day 2020

//International Women’s Day 2020

International Women’s Day 2020

International Women’s Day 2020 is being celebrated on March 8, 2020. This is a day in observance of the gains women have been making in the fight for gender equality and the promotion of women’s rights throughout the years.

While there are still notable gaps in the opportunities between men and women, women across the globe are celebrated in their persistence to promote a better future for the generations of women to come.

Why We Should Observe Women’s Day 2020

It is the mission of women to be able to have the same liberties and rights as their male counterparts. Female empowerment has never been as strongly promoted as it has been in the past few decades with actions being carried out to promote the wellbeing for female individuals in a world where the odds are turned against them.

This Women’s Day 2020, women across the globe will unite as one in remembrance of the courage of the women before them who demonstrated remarkable feats to enact change. Women from humble beginnings and backgrounds came forward to assert their role as a gender who would not be tamed, harassed, or subdued into silence. This year’s theme for Women’s Day 2020 is “An Equal World is an Enabled World.”

Female empowerment and feminism has often been taken wrongly by those who see it as reverse discrimination. Feminism isn’t looking to overthrow the value of men to society, but to adhere to policies of equality and support for both genders. International Men’s Day is equally recognized on Thursday, November 19, 2020.

How Can You Celebrate Women’s Day?

Join an event, convention, or march in honor of this event. Local organizations are holding peaceful marching and protesting in encouragement for:

  • Ending the existence of gender violence
  • Ending the existence of sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Ending the existence of barriers in the workforce with equal pay and rights for women and men
  • Ending the existence of racism, incarceration, and police brutality in female populations around the world

Studies have shown that a more gender diverse work environment promotes a higher performance both financially and within the business functions itself. Being a diverse business improves the reputation of businesses as it shows equal opportunities and appeals to a wide audience. Even the presence of females in the workplace has stimulated productivity, creativity, and dedication to the job. Every little step women take makes a big difference in the future of females.

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