Amid Coronavirus Outbreak Why Private Rides are Safer?

//Amid Coronavirus Outbreak Why Private Rides are Safer?

Amid Coronavirus Outbreak Why Private Rides are Safer?

It is high time we stop using local transport for the commute. Although the nation is being quarantined during the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak, some of us still have to go out of the house for grocery shopping or to get a refill of medication. Those who don’t have their cars may rely on public transport.

How Does The Virus Spread?

By now, everyone is well aware of what coronavirus is. This is a gentle reminder of how the virus spreads to keep you and loved ones safe. It is transmitted from person to person. The most obvious way of catching the infection is through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person sneezes or coughs. In case these droplets land in your nose, mouth or you inhale them into your lungs, you could be at the risk of developing COVID-19.

It is also possible for a person to get the virus by touching an object or surface containing the virus/droplets. If you touch your mouth, nose or eyes without disinfecting, you might be at the risk of getting COVID-19. However, this isn’t thought to be the main way the virus spreads.

Don’t Use Public Transport!

During the outbreak, it is not a good time to use public transport at all especially when social distance is recommended. Experts say renting scooters, shared bikes and cars is safer than traveling via public transit. However, whenever possible, it is best to walk or just stay home.

If you need a hierarchy of best to worst things in terms of moving from point A to point B, walking is best and second comes renting a private ride and third is public transportation.

Private rides have more control over cleanliness than subways and buses. Of course, you can bring some wipes with you when you have no choice but to take public transport. In fact, people should be disinfecting everything. It is unclear how long the virus can stay alive on different surfaces. Some studies have revealed it could stay on steel and plastic for up to 3 days. Therefore, we must be extra cautious.

Even those offering rides on rent are recommended to disinfect the vehicles thoroughly including the seats, handlebars, steering wheel, etc. before and after use.

Stay Safe and Travel in a Private Ride

If you are living in Austin, instead of taking the subway or traveling in a local bus, book yourself a private ride. You never know the passengers you are traveling with are infected.

Private rides maintain special cleanliness. As long as you have chosen a trusted company such as Top Ride Limo for transportation, you will be in safe hands. Their vehicles are comfortable spacious even to maintain social distance with the driver and fully disinfected.

For extra safety, don’t forget to take protective measures such as wearing a mask, gloves and bringing a hand sanitizer. You can also carry disinfectants to clean the handles or door before using. Similarly, you can bring sheets to cover the seat.

In these times of crisis, don’t take anything for granted and follow the protective measures religiously.

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