Airport Taxis vs Airport Limousine – Which is the Better Choice?

//Airport Taxis vs Airport Limousine – Which is the Better Choice?

Airport Taxis vs Airport Limousine – Which is the Better Choice?

You might think that the only edge a limo has over a taxi is its appearance. However, that’s not true because a limousine has much more to offer than a standard taxi. Whether you are traveling for leisure or you are going on business trips, airport limousine is always a better choice than an airport taxi. In this article, we will draw a comparison between the airport taxis and the airport limos and also try to elaborate on why a limousine is the better choice. 

1. Luggage

Limousines are very spacious vehicles and a standard limousine can hold up to 14 suitcases and the higher-end variants allow even more space. On the other hand, you can only stuff 2 to 4 suitcases in a taxi. 

2. Seating capacity

Limousines are known for their large seating capacity. A standard limo can carry 4 to 10 passengers and larger limos offer even higher seating capacities. In comparison, taxis only have a seating capacity of 1 to 3 people. In extreme cases, a taxi might be able to carry 4 passengers but that’s about it. 

3. Quality of Service

The quality of service provided by an airport limousine is simply amazing. An airport limousine comes with a highly trained and professional chauffeur who will treat you like royalty. However, in a taxi, the only service you will be getting is being taken from point A to point B. 

4. Vehicle type

Vehicles falling under the limousine category are the very definition of luxury. They have much better build quality than average cars and come with a lot of top-notch equipment. But taxis, on the other hand, are regular vehicles and only have basic features. Therefore, taxis don’t have high-end entertainment systems like the limousines do. 

5. Comfort

The material used for making the seating of limousines is of premium quality. Limousines are spacious vehicles and the seating arrangement is such that you and your business associates will be comfortably seated and still have more than sufficient space for accommodating your luggage. The professional chauffeur ensures that your journey is very comfortable and hassle-free. However, taxis have a limited size and fewer features hence they offer a much less comfortable journey as compared to a limousine.  

So, it is quite evident now that the limousines are a much better choice than taxis. If you choose to hire a limo then you won’t have to worry about your transportation to and from an airport. A limo offers much more than just a pick and drop service to its passengers. Hence, you should always choose an airport limousine over an airport taxi. 

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