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  • Proms and Graduations
  • Proms and Graduations

Take the funnest, safest route with Limousine Service for Proms and Graduations

Take the funniest and safest route to the celebration of a lifetime with a Limousine Service for Proms and Graduations. If there’s one thing students and parents agree on, it’s this: Few events in a high-schooler’s four years are as big as the Prom and Graduation. These are special occasions that will be remembered for years to come. And both students and parents want them to be as special and memorable as possible.

That’s where TopRideLimo drives come in. Our luxuriously appointed limousines can accommodate up to 10 prom- or graduation party-goers in the elegant atmosphere they want and deserve. This is definitely not your mom’s minivan or grandpa’s Caddy. It’s a posh and unforgettable celebration on wheels! Where extravagance, fun and safety meet the road. Students and grads will party hard! The limo bar will be stocked with complimentary sodas, and you can plug your iPod or smartphone into it the advanced limo sound system. And best of all, no one has to keep their eyes on the road—except for our professional drivers. For mom and dad, that’s a lot of peace of mind. For students and grads, it makes a big celebration even bigger.

No Alcohol is ever allowed (minors)

Of course, we know from first-hand experience how parents can worry.

So both parents and students should know that as a matter of law (and company policy) we cannot and will not allow underage drinking in our limos.

Graduating from College?

There’s a TopRideLimo for your celebration, too. Take your pick of a luxurious limousine, SUV or Sedan and ride into and out of your graduation in style, with all the people you love sharing in the exquisite joy of your accomplishment. It also saves everyone gas and parking trouble. You worked hard to get your degree. Reward yourself to the highest degree with TopRideLimo.

Important to Know

Many of Austin’s schools hold their proms and graduations on the same night. Our limos get booked up fast, so it’s advisable to reserve well in advance to be sure you get the car you want.

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